DUI Lawyer Versus Real Estate Lawyer in Chandler

Property law is one of the major categories of law. It is also referred to as real estate law. Real estate lawyers undertake various important duties touching on property on behalf of their clients. As a matter of caution, a property lawyer is needed in any given type of transaction or major decision touching on property. In general, you should seek a Chandler dui lawyer if you are planning to do carry out any of the following real estate processes:

Selling property
If you want to sell your property, having a Chandler dui attorney is important for a number fo reasons. For one, they will draw up contracts to be signed by the buyers once a bid has been accepted. Thes contracts will detail how the sale is to take place and how much money the property is to be sold for. Your dui lawyer Chandler will also facilitate communication between your side and that of the buyer. This ensures that the transaction proceeds smoothly without any problems. Should the buyer raise any concerns after the sale has gone through, your lawyer will step in to resolve the dispute or to take the matter to court if litigation is required.

Buying property
If you’re planning to buy property, your Chandler attorney will ensure that your hard-earned money goes into a legitimate deal. Once your bid has been accepted by the seller, your real estate lawyer will commence a search process at the lands registry. This will allow them to ascertain if the seller owns the land they are selling, if the property details are accurate, and if the deed has any encumbrances attached to it. Your lawyer will also interpret the sale contracts for you to ensure that you are getting fair terms during the deal. Should any conflict arise from the deal, your real estate lawyer will represent you and ensure that your interests are looked after.

Renting or leasing property
If you are renting or leasing a property, a real estate lawyer will come in handy. Just like with buying or selling property, they will represent your interests in the ensuing agreement. For one, they will negotiate the pricing for you. They will also look over the contract details to ensure that the rent/lease terms are favourable and in line with the law. Should you get into conflict with your landlord during the course of your tenancy, it is your real estate lawyer who will step in to mediate, arbitrate or litigate the issue on your behalf.

Subdividing property
If you have a property that measures larger than a plot, you may wish to subdivide it for a number fo reasons.Common reasons include estate planning, gifting, selling or separation of use. Whatever the case, it is pertinent to involve a Chandler dui attorney in this process. For one, they will advise you whether it is ideal to subdivide your property for the set reasons you have. They will also advise you on what the law says about land subdivision in your state. A conveyancing attorney will even help you draw up new boundaries and maps for your property.

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Planning to develop property
You should also seek out a Chandler dui lawyer if you plan to develop your land. Your lawyer will advise you on what you can and cannot do on the property in regards to the local planning guidelines. They will also advise you on the best way to develop your land, be it building commercial properties, residential houses, farming or leasing the land out. This advice will cover the tax implications of each plan as well as the expected costs and overall ROI.

Changing land use on a given property
If you want to change the legal use of your property, you also need to consult a Chandler attorney who deals with real estate. They will explain to you the different legal land uses and what each entails. They will also explain the process required when you want to change the land use of your property. Most importantly, they will advise you on whether your decision is a good one. If you decide to proceed with the change, your dui lawyer chandler will put up a notice announcing the land use and will later file an application seeking to gazette the proposed change in land use. If there is anyone opposing the land use change, your real estate lawyer will discuss with them any issues raised, either privately or in a tribunal.